Our top 5 favorite serif fonts on Adobe Fonts.

Top 5 Serif Fonts

The right font can help convey a story, set a mood or give designs the right personality. We are always looking for unique fonts that help set our projects apart.

Today we are listing what we think are the top 5 serif fonts on Adobe Fonts. We chose to limit the fonts to Adobe because we find it’s a regular go-to for us on print and web projects. We will make a separate list for Google fonts as well next month as we recently found ourselves using Google’s service more and more.

As with any font list, this is mostly subjective. Every designer has different tastes and different needs. Currently, we like this list of serif fonts.

Let’s dive in.

#1 – Grad

#2 – P22 Mackinac

#3 – Sutro

#4 – Columbia Titling

#5 – Sheepman

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