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Cloud Defensive

Cloud Defensive Branded eCommerce Website

Redesigning an eCommerce website to be as bold as the company.​

  • Brand Strategy
  • UI/UX Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Development
  • Photography
  • Art Direction

Cloud Defensive is a young bold company in the firearms industry. Their aim is to escape the long-time paradigms that have existed in their industry. They do this by looking at what exists in their industry and make it better.

When they approached us they had an existing eCommerce platform and shop. But it didn’t live up to their optimize and make it better mantra. Their company has deep social media roots primarily through Instagram. Their online experience needed to meet this audience needs. This meant all new content needed to be generated.

We lead in the direction of a new photography library for their entire product line. The new content helped communicate with their audience in a way that made Cloud’s products stand out visually.

We streamlined their entire shopping experience leading to quicker and easier add to cart to checkout ratios. This lead to greater conversion rates day one. Being a new company with new ideas, they needed a platform that allowed them to grow. We developed the site so new products could be added effortlessly. We created re-usable components that could be modified and applied to new products or used as is. This gives them the ability to maintain an agile eCommerce shopping platform down the road.

Cloud Defensive Cor Web Page

The website.

We needed to create everything from the ground up. We developed the user flow strategy from product to checkout. Cloud Defensive’s products have a story to tell, and we crafted an experience around them to share their information and relevance.

Cloud Defensive Website Screens
Cloud Defensive Mobile OWL Web Page
Cloud Defensive Mobile COR Web Page

Products have stories.

Why Cloud created them, what problem they solve, what benefit they give. We give products a platform to share their story and connect with audiences.

Cloud Defensive Mobile COR Full Page

Content Production.

We created an all-new content catalog that was beautiful and bold. The visuals need to be striking, minimal, and a true reflection of the product’s utility.

We developed art direction standards by the photography of products isolated for modularity and lifestyle to highlight features.

Cloud Defensive LCS Operator
Cloud Defensive OWL Profile

Pixel perfect presentation.

We art directed content and product imagery to meet the demands of an audience obsessed with the details. Our strategy included a journey through product imagery to highlight the craftsmanship and functional attributes of the products.

Cloud Defensive OWL Product Front
Cloud Defensive OWL Profile
Cloud Defensive Product Angle
Cloud Defensive OWL Product Demo
Cloud Defensive OWL Product Back
Cloud Defensive COR Detail Profile
Cloud Defensive LCS Durability
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