Identity for a commercial photographer entering the high-end portrait market.

Sprazzo Studio

Brand Identity
August 2007

Sprazzo Studio Identity

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Distinctive Photography.

Sprazzo Studio approached us to help create and launch a new identity program. They were looking to create a high-end segment within the portrait and wedding photography market. They wanted to create a classic look that had a modern feel.

The logo we created accomplished both of those challenges with a striking and memorable logo. The color palette contained rich earth tones which gave them a classic undertone. Their new logo was the letters of their name in a mixed but readable order was chosen to demonstrate their unique abilities. We created a series of business cards that contained several photos of their work. They didn’t want to be tied down to a single image, so we developed a solution that allowed them to have multiple cards displaying more than one of their photographs.

Sprazzo Business Cards Held in Hand
Sprazzo Business Cards