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Developing the solution to health resolutions.

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Astride Health were an all-in-one solution for weight loss, nutrition tracking, and fitness programs. They were a partnership formed out of years of helping clients one on one through email, text, and phone. They were ready to simplify their process with existing clients and increase their reach for new.

We helped develop a new brand and identity. We also lead them in the creation of their new digital platform. We developed an end-to-end solution that served their clients from the moment they signed up. The new digital platform guided new clients just getting started and designed to scale with them as their progress continued.

We created the web platform to allow potential users to peek at the many services offered. While members could access the entire digital library and support center from any device. We helped create nutrition tracking that simplified nutrition goals and results in easy to understand charts and metrics.

Astride Health Desktop Home Page

The website.

Information served through a custom interface that delivered an experience that looked and felt just like an app. We designed the overall structure to scale big for an active audience. The digital platform needed to work every seamlessly across every device and effortlessly.

Astride Health Lunges Mobile
Astride Website Mobiel Home Page

The brand.

The creative direction was approachable and instructional. The system embraced minimalism and encapsulated a grid structure to create uniformity and ease of instruction and information consumption.

Exercise and recipe pages delivered instruction and guides through thoughtful design. The same approach spanned all digital touchpoints, including nutrition charts, social media channels, and other digital deliverables. All of these together created a strong, cohesive brand that members experienced. throughout their journey

Content and media.

Rich documents, guides, and articles leveraged across multiple digital channels helped to deliver branded materials quickly and consistently.

Astride Fitness Guide
Astride Fitness Guide Atlas Beginner
Astride Fitness Guide Atlas Intermediate
Astride Fitness Guide Orion Intermediate
Astride Fitness Guide Orion Expert
Astride Branded Nutriton Charts

Socially branded.

Social media was an essential component in captivating an audience with relevant information. Post engagement substantially increased by providing insights and mini-articles, leading users back to the source of truth.

Astride Social Branded Content
Astride Social Branded Mobile
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