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Integra Bank

Integra Bank

Creating the most convenient bank.

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The banking landscape was rapidly growing more competitive in the retail market. Integra Bank recently changed its name from National City Bank and was poised to start capturing significant market share in both existing and new markets. The retail banking landscape was stagnant and ready for forward-thinking and fast-moving institutions to take the lead. We helped Integra do just that.

We carefully developed and designed a new take on the banking experience with an approachable, customer-centered experience. These enhancements included expanded hours, retail promotions, giving back to the customer, and fairer fees with longer grace periods.

Together with their rebranded identity, these steps turned into year-over-year market share growth. We helped craft retail-centered programs that positioned Integra Bank as a first choice for convenience and accessible banking.

The brand.

We developed a clean brand that cuts through the clutter of traditional bank branding. We helped shape the colors, messaging, banking center design, product and service names, and the card plastics every customer would carry.

Advertising and Identity.

We helped shape the visuals, tone, and aesthetics in print and advertising to continue Integra’s promise of retail-friendly banking. Bold messages, big color, and sharp imagery helped solidify Integra as not just another ordinary bank. They were ready to break the traditional banking image, and we helped them do it.

Annual reports.

Banks are composed of the people who work for them and the people they serve. We crafted books to highlight this dynamic as nothing less than strength.

Any time, any place, anywhere.

The ultimate bank convenience is accessing your money any time, any place. We delivered both creative and technological support across their entire website. We crafted the strategies for the menu architecture, messaging, and photography. This helped deliver a cohesive narrative from the brand down that could scale to every corner of their digital space.

Next Project

Redesigning an eCommerce website to be as bold as the company.​